Milad Saraf

Milad Saraf

I’m a Founder, CEO, CTO, Chief Designer, UI/UX designer, Full-Stack Developer, iOS Developer, Android Developer, Artificial Intelligence lover

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Milad Saraf

I’m Milad Saraf, CEO & Founder of Datanito and Full-Stack developer & Android & iOS Developer. I have reached high experience in developing and designing, also at Artificial Intelligence & I love these. I started developing at seven y.o! I love my works and my skills. Datanito’s idea was come at about 11 y.o and I named that Datanito at about 15 y.o & I started an endless way! No one knows about Datanito’s ideas, everyone only sees what Datanito did & Datanito is an end-less way!






UI/UX design


iOS & Android Developing




Artificial Intelligence



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UI/UX design

Designing is fun and usually makes you think better and deeper with more focus & higher productivity. I'm a UI/UX designer & also I'm designing a logo. I made Datanito's logo.


I am a Full-Stack developer & I developed and developing big ideas. I love developing, with time & love I reached a high experience of developing & now I'm glad I reach to this, now I'm a Full-Stack developer.

CEO & Founder

Datanito's CEO talking to you now & I'm telling you, you can't imagine Datanito ideas! Datanito is bigger than imagination, only time can show you what Datanito and me done, I love Datanito.

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Timeline & Experiences


I borned!

On October 17, 2001, I'm was came to this world and named Milad means born!

2001 - 2002

I met on PC!!

When I just had 9 months, I met the computer with the help of my family! I found my skills and felt and connected with technology.

2007 - 2008

Talking to PC!!!

I was start programming & I was developing some scripts for programming, also robotics classes, and when I making robots I met with C and after that, Batch script &, etc.

2012 - 2013


That idea came & I thought and was trying hard for a long time. That named Datanito. However, a little part of my ideas came to this world, and with my try and time others coming soon!

2014 - 2018

I improved my skills!!

I reached a higher place of developing, designing, and my other skills with time and trying and experiences.

Present - ∞

An endless way!!!

That's Datanito's tagline too. I did make this sentence. I started an endless way and love this way & I love to live in this way.


A Message From Milad

Milad Saraf

CEO & Founder of Datanito

I try to share my experiences on my website, my YouTube channel, and my social networks & I feel too lucky if maybe I can help to improve world technology & the world & I try to do my best. I try use my life in the best possible way. Thanks for reading & enjoy your life🤟🔥

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